Continuing on our previous Retail Jewellery UK Jewellery Awards 2018 blogpost theme, we’re very happy to be showcasing the most recent brand to hit our shelves, shortlisted for “Brand to Watch”, it’s Henryka.

Established by husband and wife team Anna & Ted Emmett in 2006, the brand has gone from strength to strength since then with its fabulous range of sterling silver and multi-coloured amber jewellery, designed with the objective of bringing amber back from 40 million years ago and crafting it into jewellery reflecting British nature and wildlife. Think Alex Monroe meets Amber.

Describing themselves as unashamedly niche, their original, nature themed designs fit perfectly with the use of amber, that most natural of materials, to give the customer beautiful, individually crafted pieces of jewellery that are not created under the duress of trends or fads but instead designed organically according to whichever path the Henryka in house designers, inspired by the wonderful nature all around them at their base in Hereford, choose to take with the materials they are using. And it’s not just amber either. Besides the three different shades of amber they use - Cognac, Yellow & Green - Henryka also integrate other precious stones such as Turquoise and Pink Agate to add a splash of vibrant colour to their pieces.

Some of the pieces in the collection actually have their origin in schools and colleges in and around Hereford where Henryka have challenged students to come up with designs and, in keeping with their reluctance to become slave to the whims of popular culture, they welcome new, exciting and special ideas for jewellery designs from anyone who would like to join them on their journey towards establishing the brand not just nationally, but internationally too.

So keep an eye out for the results of the "Brand to Watch" in the UK Jewellery Awards in June. And we promise not to say "We told you so" when Henryka wins...

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